After Your Hike

On The Day You Finish

Let Us Know About Your Accomplishment

Patch awarded to hikers who complete the entire Florida Trail from end-to-end

When the trip is all over, probably the first thing you should do is let the FTA know about your accomplishment and get your free patch. Fill out the "End-to-End Hiker Designation" form and send it to the FTA for your free thru-hiker patch and official recognition of your thru-hike.


If you shoot us an email, we'll add you to our list of Florida Trail thru-hikers. We'll also happily link to your blog or website if you'd like. The FTA used to maintain a roster of all end-to-end FT hikers on its website but has taken the list down. We have the put the list on our site here, and will keep it as accurate as we can until the FTA decides to start maintaining the list again.

The Transition Back to Normal Life