Up-to-Date Guidebooks

The Florida Trail Guide - second edition

by John Keatley & Sandra Friend


The Florida Trail's equivalent to AWOL's AT Thru-Hiker's Handbook or Yogi's PCT Handbook. It combines both mileage figures like the Data Book along with town maps and information about hotels, restaurants, groceries, post offices, et cetera. Also includes route info for Eastern Continental Trail hikers beginning at Key West.

Second edition released October 25, 2015.

348 pages, $18.95, buy here

Florida Trail Data Book - seventh edition

by The Florida Trail Association / edited by Don Mock


Like all data books, this is a bare-bones mileage chart with campsites, water sources, road crossings, trailheads, et cetera. No town info. Should be used in tandem with the official maps. When new editions are released, it happens in the late fall, so wait till November or December to get it.


3oz, $7.95, buy here.  Also available as a free PDF

Outdated Guidebooks

Don't buy any of these guidebooks. They are all out-of-date and out-of-print. However, they may appear in web and Amazon searches. They are included here to help you steer clear of them.

The Florida Trail Guide - first edition

Sandra Friend & John Keatley

The first (2014) edition of the book listed above.

Florida Trail Companion Guide for Long Distance Hikers

by The Florida Trail Association

From Here to There on the Florida Trail: A Companion Guide for Long Distance Hikers

by Susan Roquemore

The Florida Trail: The Official Hiking Guide

by Sandra Friend